Sunday, November 18, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 16-18

I'm continuing with 30 Days of Thanksgiving for Infertility... 

Day 16
When we were trying to get pregnant, it become very clear that we needed more than medical intervention.  We were in need of a miracle.  I'm thankful that the following bible verse explained how God utilizes miracles:

"I would seek unto God, and unto God
 would I commit my cause:
Which doeth great things and unsearchable;
marvellous things without number:"
Job 5:8-9

This verse gave me hope because I discovered that the Lord preforms miracles without number.  I'm so thankful that  He can never ever run out of miracles!  I know that miracles happen differently for different people.  But, I also know that all miracles are generous acts of God's mercy and grace toward us.

Day 17
Speaking of miracles, I'm thankful that the Lord softened my hardened heart towards people who had what I wanted.  I can remember feeling so bitter towards people who had young children.  I was especially bitter towards women who were pregnant.  I couldn't understand how "it" became so easy for some, while it was so difficult for others.  God worked a miracle in my life as He removed this bitterness and replaced it with compassion and love.  One day, it just didn't hurt as much.  I stopped asking God, "Why me?" and started asking myself, "Why not me?"

Day 18
Even though we needed more than medical intervention, I am thankful for the advancement of medicine.  We were given the opportunity to undergo IUI's four different times.  Although it did not work for us, I know people personally who have had success with IUI's.  I am thankful for the medicine advancements and for Clomid and Fermera.  I'm thankful for the injectable medicine Follistim and the HCG shot.  I know that God has given doctors the wisdom to use these interventions to expedite the waiting processes, and more often than not, they are essential in helping women conceive, especially if there is a female factor (like it was for us).   

Thank you to those of you who have stuck around for the past 18 days...


Team Harries said...

I always am thankful for these posts! How encouraging

Cat said...

Beautiful post and I can also remember that bitterness I had towards pregnant girls after I lost my twins. I actually just wrote about it in one of my scheduled post for this week! Thank you again for being such an inspiration to so many. God Bless!