Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blog roll updated

Hello Ladies.

I just updated my blog roll. If you read my blog and don't see your name, please let me know. I would love to add you to my roll call and check in on you to see how things are going. I love you guys!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Doc. appt update

Good Morning Ladies,

Just wanted to give a brief update. AF did arrive right on time Saturday. Yesterday, I had to go back to Dr. R. He has switched me from Clomid to Femara. I've taken this med once before at my old doc's office. Dr. R said that my progesterone is really elevated, hence the reason he gave me estrogen suppositories last month. He said that doc's usually get dancing happy when progesterone is above 15. Mine was 85 on cd21 last month. He said that Femara would be a better drug for me because of the progesterone elevataion. He also switched me from the estrogen pill to an estrogen cream suppository.

Dr. R told me he really didn't think he would be seeing me again for IF treatment. When I told him, "oh, it's okay..." he was the one who was aggravated that the Clomid didn't work. (Now that's a welcomed change of emotion.) So, I left his office with the instructions to take the Femara cd 3-7, use Mucinex/Robitussin on cd 10-17, using ovulation predictors this month, and "spend" lots of time with K. Dr. R is on a mission to get us pregnant, and by george, that's where we want to be!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

More blah, blah, blah

I wish I had news to report, but so far nothing-nadda-zippo news on the IF front. I did tempt fate and POAS this morning and it was negative, cd 27. I kind of knew it would be. I don't feel any differently, and I have zero symptoms to analyze over. My dear friend, Alison, wrote this post yesterday, and I felt like it could have been written by me. It just sucks.

K and I made a recent "splurge" purchase. This is what we got. It's not something we needed, but something I really wanted. In fact, we've had it over a week and I used it for the first time yesterday. I didn't want to take any "risks" incase the Super C was successful. So, for an entire week, I watched K use this while I sat back and watched.

Yesterday, I finally gave in. I broke down and used it myself for 7 minutes. And may I say, what a wonderful, relaxing, refreshing 7 minutes they were. The way I see it, AF will be arriving with all her glory tomorrow and Saturday, so why wait any longer to start working on my perfect tan? I secretely hoped that after making this purchase that I would be unable to use it for a good 9-10 months. (Honestly, that is usually the way my luck runs-backwards!) Oh least its a distraction for now.

K told me if I could find one for 0% financing we could get one. Not only was I able to do that, but I also found a place that as an added bonus, you received a free 5 day/4 night cruise. So we are going to Nassau sometime later this year.

Even though I am happy, I am incredibly sad that I can use it freely now. It just really sucks!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Nothing New

I have been MIA the past week or so. I am so sorry if my blogging buddies feel neglected! Nothing new to report on the infertility front. I am at cd 20 today, so one more week to go to find out if the Super C worked or not. Anyway, I hope to get caught back up on my blog reading this weekend! Hope you all are having a fabulous week.

Oh yeah, before I forget: Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for rain that we received this week. (We are still in drout-like conditions.)
I am thankful that my birthday came and passed, and that the Lord has blessed me with another year.
I am thankful that we get $ back on our taxes! (Can I get an Amen Ladies?)
I am thankful that I have such a wonderful husband. (I know I say this often, but I do appreciate him every single day of my life.)