Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Biblicial Encouragement for Couples Waiting To Conceive

I recently ran across this really great article titled "Biblical Encouragement for Couples Waiting to Conceive."  One of the best aspects of the article is how God will use our time in waiting to actually help us.  You mean to tell me through the heartache, the failed pregnancy test, the impending arrival of our period, the scheduled "quality time" with our spouse, the timing of fertility meds,...rinse...repeat...there is time for us to get help????  Absolutely!  Stick with me for a minute!

Just because I want you to read the article, I won't delve into to much detail...I'll just give you a list of a few key points:
  • Grows and Strengthens Our Faith--for me this was most important.  My faith, as is yours, was tried, twisted, trampled, and turned upside down.  I spent so much time focusing on my inability to get pregnant that ultimately I stopped recognizing God's ability to give me a child.
  • Develops Patience and Character--my hardest lesson.  I prayed for patience once, and it took me 5 years to get pregnant.  I swore off ever praying for patience again.  I will say, this time period taught me some invaluable other lessons which helped to build my character.  I learned for the first time that I am not in control.  We say all the time God is in control which sounds easy enough in theory.  However, when you are truly tested to relinquish control to Him (especially your own body), it's hard... As for patience, that's a lesson I stand to learn daily.
  • Shows Us Our True Source of Joy--the source of my joy was resting in a baby instead of Jesus Christ.  It took me a while to grasp that God had already given me a family in my husband.  I couldn't seem to see us as a family without a baby.  The part of me that wanted so much to be a mother took up residency in my heart so that it pushed everything else to the way side...my friends, my husband, God.  I can see now that God wanted me to yearn for Him the same way I yearned for motherhood.  I hated learning this, but I know now how necessary it was.
  • Teaches us to Rest in the Lord--resting in God and know that He is working on our behalf is difficult.  When our patience is running thin, we see the "miracle of life" occurring all around us, how do you just sit back and rest in the Lord.  Well, for starters:  The Lord sees outside the box.  He wants us to rest in Him, because He already has everything worked our for us.  We are just waiting on Him to set our answer to prayer in motion...right?  Another way to look at Resting in the Lord is to just "stop trying!"
  • Shows us the Power of God's Grace--for me, this was the lesson I walked away from infertility thinking, "How on earth did I ever survive that time in my life?  The stress...The heartache....The disappointment...The sorrow...The stops and starts.  We continually sought solace in God to give us the guidance for what He would have us do next.  We had good days and bad days--but there were days that I would simply wake up and have a renewed hope and faith in His ability to give us children.  I knew that He had poured his grace and mercy over me one...more...time...
So, what are you waiting for?  Go read "Biblical Encouragement for Couples Waiting to Conceive" by
Cortni Marrazzo, Crosswalk.com Contributing Writer
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