Monday, June 29, 2009

Uh we go again!!!! (with Update)

Guess who has an appointment today with the Allergist...Yep, Baby K. I'm pretty sure after being off his antibiotic for an entire 10 days--may I remind you it was a 20 day antibiotic this round--I'm willing to place my bet that he has [uh um...and we all say together] "ANOTHER EAR INFECTION." I just don't know what else to do for him. We've taken the paci, seen a chiropractor, pediatrician, ear, nose, and throat specialist, and allergist. As much as I hate to say it, tubes are probably our next step. I'm trying to hold off as long as possible, because I really think this is allergy related, but I'm beginning to have doubts. I just want him to be better....ya know? Will you all keep us in your prayers so that we make the best decision for his care?

I'll update later with the results of our appointment.

I stand corrected. Praise God Baby K does NOT have another ear infection. So that means one of two things...1)The 20 day antibiotic did the trick, or 2)The chiropractor is working!!!!!!!!! We left with NOOOOOOO antibiotics and clear instructions to continue breathing treatments every 4 hours for the cough. As I type this, my son is sleeping away on the sofa. (Which is also where you will find me as soon as I hit "post.")

Whatever the latest culprit is I am told is viral. Probably from his previous daycare. Long story short, Baby K was suppose to start a new daycare today. We were not happy at all with our last provider. Anything that could go wrong, did. I had my last straw with them last Thursday when I picked him up (we had already submitted our notice at this point), and I saw on his daily sheet that he had refused bottles all day long. He ate for the first time at 3pm that day. Correct me if I'm over-reacting, but I was furious! I could not believe they didn't call me. He ate nada, zip, nothing for 8 whole hours. Yes, that pretty much did it for me. He did not go back. He was to start the new daycare next Monday, but I called the new provider and begged to let him start today. And then, he didn't even get to.

Anywho, just wanted to update and give God praise that my little man's ears are still clear. Now, just hoping this virus has began to run it's course and will be moving on soon.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy First Father's Day Love!

No. One Daddy Pictures, Images and Photos

I am growing really fast Daddy,
And I am watching all you do.
Because when I grow up to become a man,
I hope to be like you.

I love it when you play with me,
Even when you give me baths;
You make those crazy noises that
Always seem to make me laugh.

I can't believe you will soon
Show me how to fly a kite,
And I just can hardly wait until
You will teach me to ride a bike.

Then one day soon, Daddy,
You'll teach me how to hunt;
You'll show me how to scout for deer
And how to hold my gun.

Don't be sad because I'm growing up,
I'm becoming just like you.
And I'm so excited over
The fun things you and I will do

This is your keepsake to remember
Once I'm big and tall
That it really wasn't that long ago
I use to be this small.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Private Blogging

I am making preparations to make this blog private. If you are following along, whether you are a regular commenter or lurker, please leave a comment with your email address so I can provide you access. Or, feel free to drop me an email. It's ironic to say (with my posting on the world wide web) that this is necessary to protect my family, but given the recent revelations of people snagging photos without permission, I feel this is an important step to protect my son's identity.

I really don't want to lose any of my readers, because you have all become such good friends to me :) So I am sending this open invitation now to anyone who wants access.

And, Thanks Jill for the html code that prevents people from copying your pics! That was so helpful! If you want details, Jill or I can share the code with you.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So this is goodbye...

Dear Friend,

You and I have grown so close over the last 4 months of my life. When I think back on all the times I needed comforting, you were there for me. When I couldn't be quiet during church, you were there. Through my MANY, MANY ear infections, I knew I could always count on you... Dangling from my bib, I always could find you within my grasp.

If I was missing my Mommy and Daddy while I was at daycare, you reminded me they would be back soon. I chose to play with you rather than take naps like my classmates. My teachers always brought you back to me when I dropped you. Yes, you and I have become the best of friends.

But today Mommy is taking you away from me. She keeps saying I am now 4 months old, and that you could really affect my teeth (whatever that is), or [gasp] that it could be you causing my ear infections. I know better--you would never hurt me. I overheard Mommy say that I only get you back if I begin to suck on my thumb, because "Mommy can't take my thumb away." Until then, our lives shall take different paths, but I will be missing you tremendously, my friend. It makes me sad just to think about it.

Baby K

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Baby K...

Meet our son. He is feeling so much better.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

After the Allergist....

I am relieved to say we have a game plan. The allergist believes this very well is an allergy issue. We went ahead and tested Baby K for milk and egg allergies and he tested negative. [Imagine me doing my happy dance....] Nutramigen is not necessary. Yippee!!!!! We can slowly begin switching him back to Gentlease. Dr. S also said to hold off on tubes for now. So, we will be finishing up our antibiotic, continueing with the chiropractic adjustments, and hopefully [fingers crossed] this will work. Dr. S feels as if we are on the downhill side of things. She did suggest doing Nasalcrom 1 squirt in each side of nose 2 times a day. Dr. S says this is as safe as water--no steroids or anything. K and I are almost convinced of pulling Baby K out of daycare. My mom is begging me to quit work and watch him, and I think we may eventually give in. If it will keep him healthier, it's definitely worth it. We need a little more time to think this through though.

Never-the-less, thank you all for you advice. I'm not totally anti-tubes. I think if someone can tell me that it would really cut back on the ear infections, it may be worth it. But, let me remind you the ENT says he will continue to be sick as long as he's in daycare with tubes.

I'm pro-whatever makes my baby feel better. I don't want to keep pumping him full of antibiotics.

When it rains, it car over-heated today in the drive-thru line. My dad suspects it's the thermostat which is relatively cheap to fix. All in all, it's still been a good day :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Checking in...

Yes, we are still sick. Or shall I say, Baby K is still sick. He has now officially been sick half of his existance on earth. It's really sad.

To catch you all up to date, 05/18/09 he was diagnosed with his third double ear infection in less than 5 weeks. This ear infection was treated with two rounds of rocephin antibiotic shots. Last Monday, on 05/25/09 we were told his ears were clear.

He also had 2 chiropractic adjustments last week as a preventitive. On Friday, 05/29/09 I had to take him back to the Dr. because he has ANOTHER ear infection, except this time he also has a sinus infection. We've been prescribed a 20 day antibiotic (this makes our 5th) and he also is having to have breathing treatments when he takes his coughing attacks (which I failed to mention, he has had this cough since 04/08/09, the first ear infection and the dr. continued to think it was viral).

Now that he's had about 6 breathing treatments, the cough is almost completely gone. To say I am frustrated is an understatment. We had an appointment with an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist today who said "Tubes, tubes, tubes..." before even looking in Baby K's ears. The dr. also switch his formula last week to Nutramigen...whew!!! That hurt. It costs about $25 for 12.6 oz can which barely lasts 2 days...

The ENT told me today that the chiro is a complete waste of money. I am willing to give it more time before I schedule the surgery, because he (the ENT) also said that as long as Baby K was in daycare he would continue to stay sick even with tubes because "he is just one of those babies who stay sick all the time." Also, my gut feeling is that Baby K is allergic to something. K had tubes as a baby which did not work because he had such bad allergies.

So, I am completely confused. I have no idea what to do. I have an appt tomorrow with an allergy doctor (our 5th doctor, probably 5th different diagnosis). I'm thinking after all is said and done, we'll just draw straws as to who is right...

Advice? Anyone?