Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend recap...

Yesterday was homecoming at our church. It was such a good service. You could feel God moving from the moment service began. I am so blessed to be a member there. Our guest speaker was really good. His sermon was based on this. It was good to be reminded that God answers prayers based on your faith in His ability to answer them.

Last night, I had this bright idea to cook dinner (which I don't do often. K likes to I let him! I would rather clean the kitchen any day, and after reading this paragraph, you'll understand why.) I was steaming some veggies and had too much water in my pot. When the water started to boil, K poured some of it out in our sink, while I stood there and watched. I don't know what I was thinking--I began to load our dish washer with dishes which were in our sink. I picked up a bowl and turned it over to empty it--which was full to the brim of this boiling water and managed to scaled my hand pretty good! Duh...I just stood there and watched him pour it out...I wasn't even thinking that the water could be hot, so I have a 1st degree burn all over my right hand (I'm right handed, mind you) and between my fingers. It looks like a sunburn today, but is still pretty darn sore! It could of been much worse, even though it hurt like the dickens, so I am thankful that it wasn't. So, cooking is dangerous for anyone as accident prone as I am, so I won't be doing that again anytime soon.

Today has been sort of "yuck!" First, I didn't sleep well last night. I awoke every little bit with my hand just throbbing and had to find the ice pack in the covers to alleviate some of the sting. I woke up the last time around 4 am to K snoring so loudly! I just couldn't go back to sleep
Now, I have had a migraine all day which is a constant reminder that AF is looming nearby. It is raining, which we need desperately (Thank you Lord) but makes for a dreary day!

Can you tell, I'm kind of whiny due to lack of sleep, this headache, and my sore hand. I'm hoping this headache leaves me before bible study tonight!


Searching said...

OUCH!!! I am a kitchen klutz as well. It's genetic, so I blame my mother. We all have burn scars on our hands and arms from cooking. :) I actually tried to grab a pan out of the oven without a mitt once. Brilliant, huh?

As far as the pain, I had a HORRIFIC sunburn this summer that wasn't even that red but hurt like nothing I've ever felt. I would be frantically running to the freezer to shove my arms in the ice drawer and finally fell asleep by putting garbage bags of ice in the bed and sticking my arms in them. The ONE thing that helped out of the many products I tried was Burn Jel Plus. I highly recommend it, check out the drugstores for it. I really love Melalueka's ointment that comes in a little tin but it's about a decade old and you have to buy it through the company. It's great, but not sure how you would get some for right now! Hope you feel better and get some sleep!


uck! so sorry about the hand! and the migraine....i can totally relate. they are horrible! hey...maybe our month will be november. and we will be very thankful!

Deidre said...

Hi Elaine!

I'm so sorry you burned your hand (and have a migraine). I've burned mine before like that. After pulling a cast iron skillet out of the oven, I went and grabbed the handle - stupid.

Anyway, we missed you at bible study last night (we only had 15 there, so we had discussion in one large group). It all worked out.

I hope you feel better soon.
Love ya,