Friday, October 12, 2007

Thankful Thursday (on Friday)

I forgot to do this last night, so I'm posting it now...

I am thankful that K and I spent last Saturday together. It's hunting season, and he's been away from home quite a bit lately. Last weekend, I politely asked that we have an all day date on Saturday, and he accepted. No grumbling or moaning...he said, "Sure." We spontaneously drove up to Boone for his college homecoming game. We drove all along the parkway stopping by those little shops. Once we made it back home, we decided to go out to dinner and do some shopping. I enjoyed the entire day, and it was so good for us.

I am thankful that this weekend is homecoming at my college and that we are going to go to that too.

I am thankful that its finally a little cooler outside.

I am thankful for another great week at bible study and that I have not given up on doing the work.

I am extremely thankful for April's five year old son having clear scans. April is a co-worker who has become a very dear friend to me and been great at encouraging me at times. (Lord, thank you for placing Barnabas' in my life everywhere!) L was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma last year. He is considered to be in remission, but has to go every few months to make sure he doesn't have any new cancer. Monday was his first scans in several months and they were clear! PRAISE GOD! This little boy will actually get to enjoy 1st grade! Last year, was a very difficult year for their family and he was very discouraged by missing so much school...he was in Kindergarten! What an exciting year to be so sick!

Have a great day!



I always look forward to your "Thankful Thursdays." I will be thinking of you as you begin the 2ww. (I remembered that you are a week behind me.) Maybe both of us will have a miracle BFP. Hugs!

Pam said...

Thank you for post on Thankful Thrusday, when I get back I need ot start doing one. Praying for you.