Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I don't know about you all, but this week has been so long. I've spent most of my time watching the clock at work, counting down the minutes until the weekend...

I am definitely thankful that it's Thursday. Not only is it pay day, it means tomorrow is Friday and that's one of my favorite days of the week.

I am thankful for good friends, despite the miles between them, who remind you that you should stop...take a deep breath....and find things to be thankful for today. (Thanks Rebecca!)

I am thankful that I was able to meet with most of my friends tonight to watch Gray's Anatomy.(I just love fall TV and more often than none, find myself tivo'g almost everything!)

I am thankful that I managed another peaceful, quiet week with my co-worker. There has been so much tension, but I have managed to hold myself together and remain professional for my department's sake.

I am thankful that the leaves are finally beginning to change here. I always enjoy this time of year most. For some strange reason, around this time every year, I begin getting really excited about the holidays--Christmas mostly. (It's 68 days til Christmas!)

I am thankful that K and I went to my college for homecoming. I love that we are getting out of the house and doing new things. And every second I get to spend with my handsome husband, I'm most graciously thankful for.

I'm thankful for a quiet weekend at home this weekend. K will be hunting, so I will get to relax and spend some quiet time with God and my bible study without interruptions or distractions. I am thankful that I have already cleaned my house this week so that I don't have that as a crutch to put off doing the work.

I am thankful for hand sanitizer since I heard on the news that MRSA (a serious staph infection invading hospitals and schools) can one day be more deadly than H.I.V. (Lord, okay, this may have me a little freaked out, but I trust you to put an end to this super-bug since you are the Master or all Doctors.)

I am thankful that a fellow church member and blogger, Pam, is in the Holy Land and that the Lord is keeping her safe.

I am thankful for all my blogger buddies who read and comment faithfully are now referred to as friends.

I am thankful that I am nearing my 1ww and that every failure brings with it a new try.

Have a Blessed Weekend!


Deidre said...

Okay, I haven't heard of MERSA. I'm already so obsessed with anti-bac, is this something that's going to freak me out more?? Okay, no fear, Lord, no fear.

I loved your list. I love this time of year too. Enjoy your weekend working on your study. It's really good this week. Sometimes I wish we had more time to discuss ALL that's in each day.

Love you, sweet friend!!


thankful thursday is always so inspirational! reminds me to be thankful for all the little things i take for granted. thanks for the shout out!

guess what! i too am a HUGE tv fan and greys anatomy is one of my absolute favorites. i watch WAY too much tv.

how is the 2ww going?

Searching said...

Oooo, MRSA freaks me out! We have kids with it all the time. You can bet I'm one of those completely gowned and gloved and masked. I hate it for the kids, who probably can use some human touch, but I wouldn't be too responsible if I spread that to the other babies I took care of! Or one day, my own family. One nurse told me that by the first year or two pretty much everyone has it at work. Like we're carriers. I'm so paranoid about that, always washing my hands, cleaning the stethoscopes (each baby has one so all the healthcare workers share that one for the baby- other ppl's earwax- ICK!!!), washing the isolette doors, sanitizing my pens, etc. You just stay as clean and healthy as you can and eat a good solid diet. I take prenatals too, just good vitamins to have along with wishful thinking.

Thank you for your support. A little late, but my thankful Thursday would be for YOU! Your comments always bring a smile to my face, just to see your name up there, knowing someone out there cares about little ole me and my mess of a life. Thank you!


i hope that the end of your 2ww has a happier ending then mine did.

i absolutely watch private practice. addison was one of my favorite characters on grey's. lol about the fertility specialist. if only we could all visit doctors from tv shows.

thanks for your support! here's to another month...