Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thankful Thursday

It's Thursday, and most of this week has been a blur for me. I am thankful for the bible study I am in on Monday nights. It has gotten me back in the habit of reading my bible, talking to God, praying for other people's needs...and without those things, I really don't know what this week would of been like for me. (Thanks Deidre, Pam, and Mindy!)

I'm thankful for getting all green lights on my way home from work today. That's kind of corny, but makes for a much more peaceful way home.

I'm thankful for my husband, who I snapped at this morning for no reason at all, and equally thankful that he is so understanding.

I'm thankful for this blog and my few readers (who are the BEST!)--without it I would of been on information overload and on the verge of explosion. I'm thankful for the encouragement it has brought me amidst all this emptiness I feel.

I'm thankful for my mom--who at times drives me nuts, but always means well...even when she is texting me at daybreak (she's new to this, by the way, and she's practicing on me) with some inspirational message I don't really feel like hearing...but need to. I'm thankful she doesn't care if I text her back to say I really needed to hear that message.

I'm thankful that I managed to exercise ONE time this week, so it got me out of the house and from feeling sorry for myself.

I'm thankful my co-worker texted me today with she wants to talk, even though I am just not ready.

I'm thankful to you for making it to the end of this blog. I know it seems sort of depressing.

updated: I'm thankful for the rain we received today that we desperately needed.


Deidre said...

I'm thankful for you, Elaine! Thank you for posted such a great list. TT forces us to look at the positive even when we feel so darn negative, right?
I'm so thankful you decided to do the study. I know God has big plans for it. He has to - I've been attacked every day. Our house has been crazy with E being so sick. She had a 104 fever today and passed out at the dr. I held it together until I got home and then broke down. I felt so bad for her.
Okay, I'm hogging the comments - sorry! Just know that I am thankful for you, sweet friend!

gracechild said...

you coworker's situation has been on my mind. I actually wrote a one page post on it which i took offf my blog but I'm just praying that god will take control of the whole situation. I'm thankful you talked about it because it made me revisit a similar situation i had been in and actually come closer to peace. thank you & have a blessed weekend.

Alison said...

Considering the circumstances you have gone through with your co-worker, your thankful attitude is commendable. You are living Psalm 33:1!