Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Revelations....

During the past 10 weeks of motherhood, I have learned many important life lessons.

--I never knew I could function on such few hours of sleep. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love, love, love to sleep. In fact, it's my favorite hobby. I was always in the bed early at night, and could sleep until noon if allowed. Now, I am lucky to get in 5 good hours of sleep per night with Baby K still waking up 2 times per night.

--The maker of caffeine pills is brilliant for those of us who really don't like coffee. I confess. I am a caffeine junkie. I love anything manufactured to give you energy. Re.d Bu.ll, caffeine pills, etc. Give me more!!!! (Giving this stuff up was the most difficult part of my pregnancy.) Why do I need energy, you ask? See above. You get the same "pick me up" without the after-taste.

--I probably wouldn't need all of the energy items if I would exercise. That's suppose to make you feel better.

--I hate exercising!

--I use to hate when I was little and my mom would lick her finger to wipe a little smudge off of my face. Well, I have became my mother. I find myself licking my finger to wipe off Baby K's milk mustashe. This really is a nasty habit, but it serves it's purpose.

--Daycare has really put a great, big, HUGE dent in our wallets. I really have to control my need to splurge when I am out shopping.

--Baby K is growing up WAYYYYYYYY too fast. Over the past week, I have had to pack away all of his newborn and 0-3 months clothes. He's already 10 weeks old! That just seems crazy to me.

--I miss being pregnant. Even when I was so sick with morning sickness, I really enjoyed being pregnant. I miss it. K and I couldn't even consider trying for #2 at this point in our lives. But, it makes me look forward to the day that we are expecting another little one.

--I hope trying for #2 comes a little easier. If it takes 5 years, Baby K would be beginning kindergarten!!!! (And that's if we started trying today!)

So far, those are the important life lessons I can think of. I'm sure that this list will continue to grow in the days ahead.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday!


Mel said...

10 weeks! WOW! Times flies, eh?
I am amazed at how little sleep I can survive on, too. Isn't it crazy? I am also a big time sleep-a-holic. I don't know how you can not love coffee, it is my true addiction!!!!!!! (Red Bull is awesome, too, I'll give you that!)
Daycare is insane, isn't it?
And I find myself wetting my finger and fixing L's hair all the time and wiping smudges off her face, too. I cannot believe this is me doing it. LOL I hear you!

Fertilized said...

These are great lessons. It's amazing what a lil small human can do to your perspective

KateandCodyWhite said...

WoW Elaine its hard to believe our little one's are 10 weeks old! I do agree it really puts things in perspective... Hope all is well and do you do a little caffine now?

Anonymous said...

Ten weeks?! When did THAT happen??? It's amazing how fast time flies by - especially with babies!