Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nov 28

I've been so busy that I haven't had a chance to post the past few days. So, you get three things today:

I am thankful I got to see an old/new friend today at Sams! Beth, you were seriously the highlight of my shopping trip. I hope we meet up again for lunch sometime soon.

I am thankful for birthday parties. Today, one of my friends had a birthday party for her son. He turned one! It won't be long until I will be planning Baby K's first birthday party, and I hope our party turns out as fabulous as yours did for Baby F.

I am thankful to be completely finished Christmas shopping for Baby K. Now, I have all of my other nephews and niece to buy for and I am DONE!!!! My goal: Be finished by Dec 10. Don't know if it will happen, but I'm going to try.

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving with your families!


Mel said...

he is so beautiful! i am SO jealous you are done shopping... i haven't even started!

Beth said...

Hey girl! I have to say seeing you and Baby K was such an unexpected and wonderful surprise as well! He's just a beautiful little being, just like his mama! And those teeth of his...too cute! Lunch one day sounds great, I can't wait!