Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nov 17

I am thankful for this group of people. Together we raised over $5,000 to find a cure for breast cancer. It was so cold the day of the walk, so I had to take Baby K home, but we were so honored to participate in honor of my Grandma who is a survivor. I love this group of people! They are some of my best friends and I pray that none of them are ever faced with breast cancer.

My niece sporting the cure ribbon on her cheek, while Baby K is wearing pink for the ladies!

I pray that it is because of one of our $1's that a cure is found in 2010!


Deidre said...

Is this at LR? I was running that morning and didn't realize this was going on until I got there. I recognize those shirts :)

Running in my first 5K this weekend - those are words I never thought I would say!!!

Elaine said...

Yes, it was at LR. It was so cold on this morning. Is that where you run?

Also, so proud of you to be running your first 5k! You are going to do amazingly well! Remember Phil 3:12-14 I wish I liked to run :(