Thursday, August 27, 2009

School and a little chit-chat with K....

I began my fall semester this week, and I am already kicking myself for signing up for 9 credit hours. Sure, 9 hrs doesn't seem like a lot to most students, but it's a lot to anyone who works full time. I have class M-W from 6-9pm. [which means I won't see my husband or child very much during the week, and when I do, I have to prioritize family, friends, cleaning, cooking, laundry, homework, church, work, shopping, ...and I could go on and on. Seriously, I need about 10 extra hours in each day to get everything finished.]

Last night was the first night of my Adolescent Literature class. The instructor sent us a schedule a week or so ago of 12 novels we have to read by December. Well, as if that weren't enough I found out in class that I have to read an additional 3 novels of my own choosing... 15 books by December! Not only does this seem difficult, it's going to be down right impossible! I'm not a big reader...I read leisurely on occassion, but honestly, I stay so busy with work/school/life that I would rather sleep in my spare time. Sad, I know...but true.

Last night, K and I held this conversation:

Me: [Looking at the clock which read 11pm] I have to read 15 books from now until December. I seriously have to read 1.5 books per week to make that happen. I feel like I need to start one of them now.

K: Well, I know you are going to be very busy this semester, and I will do all I can to be supportive of that...BUT...

Me: [rolling my eyes to the ever imminent "but." I have already decided I'm not going to like this statement, no matter what it is.]

K: have to remember you are a wife and mother and we have needs too.

Me: [I was so right. I did NOT like this statement.]

Me: Honey, I know that. have to remember that you have one night each week without a wife and child (because my mom picks up Baby K on Tues and I get him from her on my way home from school) to do all the things that you want to do or work on your school stuff without distractions [because to be fair he is working on his Master's but only taking one class] and I don't get this. So, you are going to have to share my free time between Baby K and school assignments. That's just the way it is until December.

I think I hurt his feelings. But, when he said he has all know what kind of needs those are, and I know he has them. I'm doing my best to be submissive, but I honestly can't keep up. And now, I'm sorry, but I'm tired...and well...I'll leave it at that. I would rather sleep sometimes. Have I ever mentioned my love for sleep or the fact that Baby K is still waking 2 times each night?

How have you all managed everything about life after the kiddo's came? Did you find that your s.ex drive plummeted, because mine died? It actually passed on to the world hear-after a long time before Baby K was born...another great thing Infertily robs us of.

Any advice?


The Bryants said...

Okay, I'm sorry, but your post made me giggle. BUT, only because it sounds like a conversation my hubby and I have had. Believe me, I'd rather sleep too! I think it takes a long time to get some balance back...especially if you have a lot of other things going on too. It'll get easier!

The Lynchs said...

That's a huge school load - I can totally relate to the feeling overwhelmed piece of it! I know it seems like it will be hard to balance the time, but you'll figure it out. And when December comes, you'll just be extra happy you're through!! Haha!

Pam said...

You know how you can get a lot of books on CD's so you can listen to them and not have to read. Also you can download them on MP3 players or IPods that helps some. You can listen while driving or doing housework or whatever. Will be praying for all of you. I sometimes try to look for you at church but seems when I look you guys are not there, hope to see you soon and see how Baby K has grown. Hate you are going to miss the Daniel BS too.
Love ya