Thursday, September 3, 2009

Turning over a new leaf....

I am getting into the fall spirit. I've noticed the tree tops beginning to change colors; some leaves are even falling to the ground. I've noticed the nip in the air is changing. I've also noticed the stores bringing out holiday items...Halloween, Thanksgiving, even Christmas.

I've already started on my Christmas shopping for Baby K. I am buying odds and ends as I see them, but I know he will get so much that he won't know what to play with first. I am so blessed.

I did something this morning, I hadn't done in quite a while. I opened up a Bible Study book. My relationship with God has taken a drastic turn in the past year. It's almost ironic that this time last year, as I was pregnant with Baby K and praying more often than I had my entire life, that I find myself rarely praying at all these days. Lately, I haven't opened my bible studies; I have been skipping out on church services; I have been back sliding. [Pam, this is why you haven't seen me at church lately]

I've been under conviction for a few weeks now, about recommitting my life, and I am still praying about it. I am almost ready I think...but still praying. So tonight, Baby K will get one Christmas present early. I will be opening up the Baby Bible I got him, and we will be reading it before bed. [Satan, you can't have my family...I'm taking it back! And God's by my side!]

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