Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Preview...

Here is our tree. We cheated this year, as if you can't already tell, and we put it up on the coffee table (out of Baby K's reach).

But just so you know, he doesn't seem to mind.

And, just to be certain, we let him open his first Christmas gift.

He didn't care what was in it at first. He wanted to eat the bow!

Daddy's Little Helper

Baby K in Action:


The Bryants said...

Elaine, your little man is such a cutie! My daughter has the same toy, and she loves it! She was walking on her own in less than a month after we bought it for her. Merry Christmas!

Janna said...

Baby K is just precious!!! I love where you put the tree! Since we didn't get to put one up b/c of the move, my mom put hers up at Thanksgiving so while we were visiting the girls would have the opportunity to "experience" a tree. It didn't take Mom long to go buy a gate to put around it. lol

Mel said...

Ths tree on the coffee table is pure genious. Luckily we have ours in a part of the house L never goes, so I don't have to worry about it this year. She'd be all up in it, otherwise! K looks SO CUTE! I love it! L is getting the same thing for christmas from her grandma, too! :)

Deidre said...

Oh my word, he is just precious! I love these pictures :)

Amanda said...

He is just beautiful! (I tell everyone that of course boys can be beautiful at this age)

Isn't it so cute how they love the bows and packaging and boxes so much. Too cute!