Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Remember this post?

I am so aggravated. *Insert frustration here* I have been trying to delete my profile from My.Space for over 3 weeks now. The site continues to tell me I will receive an email to finalize my request, but the email never comes! Grrr...guess it's not's Theirs.

Moving on...

I took my final for my statistic's class last night. I have never been so happy to finish a class in my entire life (and when you stop to think about all the classes I've taken--and there have been tons---that's pretty amazing!) I have a presentation tonight for my Adolescent literature class and that course will be over as well. On the other hand, I have really enjoyed this class. I must say, I didn't realize how much I enjoyed reading!?! There was a point at the beginning of the semester when I was completely defeated once I found out I had to read 15 novels by the end of the semester; however, most of them were really, really good. I will even go as far as to say, I have somewhat been inspired. It has led me to create a new blog if any of you are looking for good reads over Christmas vacation. As you can tell, I decided to begin blogging late into the semester, so there are only 2 reviews so far. But, it is slowly coming together, and I hope it keeps me reading.

Wow, books have really changed from when I was a kid!! Some of these books should never, ever be used in the classroom because of content or language. It's sad that many of them have really great life lessons in them, but because of the content/language students' aren't exposed to them. Instead we shove the classics down kids throats and hope it turns them on to reading. So, if you have children in school, especially upper middle grades or high school, I really encourage you to research novels that your children are reading.

The only class I will have left is my Foundations of Education course (this is the class my teacher called me an overachiever in). This semester has been so stressful. Remind me to never commit to 9 credit hours EVER again.

That's about all that is going on my way! I hope you have a great week!

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Anonymous said...

It seems like I had issues when deleting my myspace account too. I think the messages were all going to my junk mail or something. Did you check the email address they have for you to make sure there's no typos or anything? I've had that happen before.

Good luck with finishing up the semester! :) You can do it!