Monday, June 9, 2008


Hello all! I must say first and foremost, I miss you all so much! I have been reading your posts and commenting here and there. Things are going full speed ahead for me at the moment, so if you feel neglected or forgotten, you certainly aren't.


School: I am doing better at my statistic's class right now. I am actually about a week ahead of schedule, so that has really helped take a load off my shoulders.

Beach: The girls beach trip was so much fun. I can't wait to do that again sometime in the near future. One thing happened though that no one expected. One of the girl's who went with us received a call early last Saturday that her house had caught fire the night before. She was actually allowing someone to house sit for her while at the beach. Everyone made it out safe, pets included, but she lost almost everything. The only clothes she currently has is the one's she took with her to the beach. We are all scrambling around like crazy trying to help anyway that we can, but she is very upset. Please remember her in your prayers. I don't think she's a Christian, but I am not sure. I couldn't imagine handling something like that without the grace God provides during tragedy.

Fostering: We have now completed 1/3 of our training. K and I both have been fingerprinted and completed our physicals. This week, we have 2 classes (Meeting Developmental Needs-Discipline & Strengthening/Continuing Family Relationships). I can't believe the things I have learned so far about foster children, myself, my husband. I continue to believe that this is God's plan for our lives, but request your continued prayers. I know that if/when a child is placed in our care that it will be a huge transition for everyone involved.

Please be patient as I am posting less often right now. On top of all this other stuff we have going on, our nephew will be here tomorrow. He lives in MT with his mother. We only get to see him once per year (in the summer). So, we have to pack into 6 weeks what we give our other niece/nephews in an entire year. Not a lot of down time for us right now...and I feel a little sleep deprived!!!! (That is my favorite hobby....and I am finding less and less time to enjoy it these days.)

Love and prayers for you all!


Jen said...

Thanks for updating us! We'll be praying for your friend! I hope you continue to enjoy and learn from the classes!

gracechild said...

Enjoy your time with your nephew & take care of you

The Baker's said...

Thanks for the update, I am glad that your classes are going well with the fostering and school. I will keep that girl in my prayers that is so sad. Have a great time with your nephew. You are in my prayers as well, take care.

Alison said...

First off, thank you so much for your kind words. I look forward to your wisdom with every post, knowing you'll be there to give it to me. I just love you Elaine. Second off, this blog is more for you than all of us and if you do not have the time (as much as I miss you), it's ok. I will be here no matter how often or not you post.

That is so sad about the girl. I will be praying for her.

Searching said...

Your friend will be in my prayers. What a scary thing to go through!!

Enjoy every shred of time you get with your nephew. :)


you certainly are a busy bee. good to hear from you though! sounds like things are on the up and up with the exciting things to keep your mind off ttc which can be so tough. have fun w/ the nephew and update us when you can!

Charne Trollip said...

shoo things seem hectic your side

thinking of you


Kristen said...

I'm new to your blog-it's so inspiring! It's refreshing to hear of someone else going through a journey towards the ultimate goal of a baby by the grace of God. Isn't is wonderful that He leads and guides?