Monday, September 10, 2007

The Dr. called...

I just got off the phone with the doctor's office a while ago...My day 3 test results were all on the low side of what they should be for a normal 27 year old. The nurse stressed that it didn't mean that pregnancy wasn't possible, but it did indicate red flags as to why I haven't been able to get pregnant on my own or sustain pregnancy once I did.

The doctor suggested that I do what's called a Efort Test (some people know it as the Clomid Challenge, but I will not be using clomid). I have to wait until day 3 of my next cycle where I will repeat all the blood work, ultrasound, and take a fertility injection. Then, I return the following day for an ultrasound to see how my body responded to the shot.

It seems that the doctor is trying to do all he can to get us approved for the shared-risk plan the office has to increase the chances of IVF being successful. That ensures me that I am at the right doctor now. My last doctor, I believe, did all he could for us, but he wasn't an RE. The experience the new office has makes me wish I had sought a 2nd opinion months ago.

I admit...I'm a little scared now that my tests were so low...I just barely made the borderline for what the Shared Risk's plan considers to be cut-off's ...My AMH was 0.7 (they require 0-6.9); I had 6 follicles (and they require 6-20); My estrogen was 75.4 (and they require it to be <75)

After this Efort Test, I will also know if I have to get the septum fixed... We have an appt with the RE on Sept 18. I am hoping to have a better understanding of all these numbers after the appt. I feel some comfort knowing now that my diagnosis of "unexplained" infertility is now getting explained. But, it saddens me to think that it's me--kind of a blow to one's self-esteem.

Has anyone else ever gone through this? I could really use some advice or encouragement...



just checked out your new blog. it is a very nice lay out. i will definitely consider switching.

as for your tests...i am glad you are trying to find the silver lining. it is such a crazy numbers game. i don't understand any of it either! it is good that they are finding out what is preventing your dream from coming true. they will be able to fix it and prepare you for a healthy pregnancy!

as dust!

Amanda said...

I will pray that the tests all come out in favor of the shared risk program!

Love & Baby Dust!

Chris said...

I'm new to your blog, and just wanted to say "hi", so HI! I'm also unexplained, though after 3 medicated/injectible IUIs I conceived naturally, but alas, I miscarried 4 months ago at 10 weeks. I am currently just starting meds for my 1st, and only, IVF cycle. You asked for prayers, and I've got you covered. Please feel free to visit my blog.

In Search of Morning Sickness said...

IF blogs are such a great way to get your feelings out in a community of women who KNOW what you're going through by way of experience! So welcome!

As far as the tests, I did my Day 3 tests & the CCCT, & baseline ultrasounds each month we did IUI's for follicle counts.

I never had AMH tested, but from my reading it sounds similar to testing FSH on that day (i.e. elevated level indicates less ovarian reserve). You said your tests were on the low side, but besides the follicle count, the blod work was on the high side.

The estrogen fluctuates each month, perhaps you had a cyst that elevated it?

ANYWAY, keep posting on how the shared risk tests go & what you find out & such. I never thought I'd get to IVF, but now I've done #1 & it still surprises me!

Infertility tests all you faith and beliefs to the core, so I get what you said in your intro... It's a process, really. I don't think we understand it all at once.