Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tell me Thursday: Blog stats

I recently discovered that Blogger had added the nifty "stats" folder. I'm sure it was added some time ago, but I've never been a person to pay attention to detail. In fact, Kyle can cut his hair and I will never notice. He always has to say something first; or, a few days later I'll ask if he's cut his hair, and he'll say "Yeah, several days ago." So, it's new to me. Have you spent some time looking at your blog's stats?

The overview is what I've spent most of my time analyzing. It's a snap shot of webhits but detailed enough to included daily views, posts, and audience. It's super user friendly and customizable. You can view your stats on a daily, weekly, monthly, or all time history.

I guess I'm deeply sad that my most viewed post this week--or ever, for that matter--is "Who knew getting pregnant would be this difficult?" Many of you have read that post. It's how you became a follower of me, or it's how I became a follower of your blog. So, you are likely one of the people in this total. It was my very first post. I felt so defeated and alone in my infertility journey, yet this page has been viewed 1,599 times all together. Do you know what this tells me? I wasn't as alone as I thought I was. It also deeply saddens me that close to 1,600 people have felt that same desperation...that same agony...and that same heartache. And, I hate that I wasn't so alone. I hate that I feel relieved that I wasn't alone.
If I could change the world, this would be one of my priorities along with finding the cure for cancer. It sucks. Both suck.

What is your most viewed post for this week? Of all time? Why do you think it's been viewed so much? Link up directly to your most viewed post below if you like. Also, leave a comment telling us why you think this post is so significant. Include how many times its been viewed.


Joannah said...

I did not realize that Blogger had that feature. Thank you for educating me!

Looks like my most popular post was called Joy. It announced my pregnancy. Five hundred people viewed that post.

Elaine said...

Joannah! I love, love, love that this specific post is your most viewed! How appropriate :)

Thomas and Kara said...

Mine was kind of the same as yours. The most traffic I had was on the blog that I announced that we had been trying for so long: 12 months.

Mainly family views my blog so I had 27 views on that one.

Elaine said...

Kara, I know you guys have been trying for I while. I've been following you for a little bit. Hang in there, Sweet Friend. It will all be worth it. Somehow, Someway...if you want to become a parent, you will. Praying for you!

Thomas and Kara said...

Thank you for all your encouraging words and prayers. They really do mean a lot.

Janna said...

On my Infertility blog the highest viewed was about the Tyra show and an upcoming show on women who are obsessed with becoming pregnant (infertility). I just reread the post and it got my blood boiling. lol

On my adoption blog it was about our struggles getting Little Bit to eat. :(