Monday, January 10, 2011

Walking in a Winter Wonderland...

The eastern United States is being pelted by snow. I experienced my first white Christmas in 2010. It was nice.

However, anyone who loves snow has obviously never worked in groceries... banking... or healthcare. I work for a large food distributor in the southeastern US. We NEVER close due to weather conditions. That's just the way it is. We are forced to use what little vacation time we are given for weather... and doctor appointments... and sick kids... and holidays... and any other life circumstances. So, after ten years of employment, I have learned to pick my battles.

I awoke to two, possibly three inches of snow this morning. After much debate and a lot of self-convincing, I decided to work today. However, had I not taken time off last week for my dad's surgery, I would be snuggled in my bed right now. I couldn't afford to use more vacation time so soon. I only have 3 weeks, which may seem like a lot, but I'm here to tell you it isn't. Never-the-less, I have a job, so for that alone I am thankful (and continually reminding myself of since four hours have passed and three more inches of snow have dropped).

Kyle works for a bank who is also open today, albeit they were at least delayed. So, don't worry friends. I will keep you supplied in bread and milk while Kyle oversees your ability to purchase them. Together we can get through the treacherous weather of Winter 2011 :)

By the way, do you ever wonder why its bread and milk? The two staple must-have items for any weather conditions. Odd, yes?

I hope you read that with the sarcasm in which it was written. There may be some *slight* truth to it, but its just the mood I am in today. Aaahhh! If only I could be a child who is giddy at the first sight of flakes! Perhaps as my boys get older my love for snow will reemerge. But for now, friends, it's buried beneath the cold.

My dad's surgery went well last week. His carotid artery was 80% blocked which is the likely culprit of his stroke back in Dec 2010. I am so blessed that he is still here. I wonder if he--the hardest working man I know--is enjoying a snow day? Did I just find my silver lining? Maybe (just maybe) this is God's way of making my dad rest today. For his rest, I too will be thankful.

Stay warm!

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