Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm in love...

...with this icecream! Have you tried it? Seriously, people, it's the best thing I've ever tasted! It tastes so much like birthday cake! If you like birthday cake, your taste buds will be in Heaven! Last night, I grabbed this out of the freezer and just started eating it stait from the carton. (Don't judge! I'm the only one eating from it!) After a while--okay, a long while--K walks over and takes the spoon from my hand and the icecream away. I think I almost cried, even though I am quite certain I would have eaten the entire carton if he hadn't came to my rescue. And did I mention it's 1/3 less fat!?! I'm usually not a healthy eater and shy away from anything with the words "Reduced" or "Less" on them. I have to admit, this stuff tastes like it's packed full with sugar and calories (all the good yummy things!), so even I was in disbelief Edy's could pull it off! Go get ya some! You can thank me later!

Tonight I start back school. I will have teaching methods for middle grades geometry for 3 hrs/3 nights per week. Yippee! [*insert sarcasm*] Good thing that my school is next to

and they have the best milkshakes around! And guess what?...they now have Birthday Cake Milkshakes for a limited time only. That should help get the brain juices flowing for 3 hrs worth of geometry!

I hope this week is being sweet to you!

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Joannah said...

You've been blogging! Your new posts are not showing up on my news feed.

My acupuncturist has told me not to eat cold food like ice cream for the time being. So when I first saw your post about that delightful ice cream I was excited but then I realized that I would not be trying it just now. I'm really missing my trips to Yogurtland. So it's cookies to satisfy my sweet tooth for now.

Good luck with school. That sounds like a challenging class.