Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Post

-Go here to read a prayer request from my friend Janna.

-Go here to read a prayer request from my friend Joannah.

-I finally finished reading The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. Unlike his other novels, I found this one to be predictable. It took me almost 3 months to finish it because half way through I could tell what the outcome was going to be. I typically love his books, and although I didn't hate this one, it wasn't my favorite.

-I think Baby K has infintigo. He has had a little rash under his nose and around his lips for about a month now. I can get it better by applying aquaphor, but it always comes back. So, I'm not sure if it is infintigo or some sort of food allergy. Never the less, tomorrow we have a doctor appt to see if we can clear it up for good.

-I am taking a class online this summer. I really hate online classes and the amount of work which comes with them, but I am really enjoying this class. We were required to create a class blog on, and I'll confess...I'm kind of loving compared to blogger.

-I nearly survived the Grey's Anatomy finally. With the season ending so suspenseful, it really proved how mediocre this season has been. But, the finally--Wow, is all I can say!

What are you guys reading now? I need a new book :)


The Lynchs said...

Seriously - my heart was beating out of my chest the ENTIRE episode of Grey's! Sooo good!!!

I vote you should read Wuthering Heights - one of my favorites!

Jen said...

Congratulations on baby #2!! :)