Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Checking in...

So, it seems thinking out my New Years Resolutions was a complete waste of time. Sure, I've taken out my contacts a few times, consumed a small amount more of water, almost finished up one book, spent a little less time on Facebook, and I've read a couple of pages in my Bible. I have cooked dinner for my family a handful of times. I've almost stopped obsessing over Kade's sleeping pattern. Was I too ambitious? No, I don't believe so, but why haven't I followed through with the goals I have?

My birthday is coming up. I'm officially in the last few days of my 20s. I'm not nearly as excited about my birthday as I am Baby K's. He is going to be one in two weeks!?! One!!!!!! Can you believe it? I sure can't! Also, my classes have started up again. I attend school two nights per week. So, in my own defense, I have been really busy lately. (Thus my neglecting to comment on many of your blogs.)

I'm in a rut right now. Have any of you been there? Where you are going through the many obligations and motions of life, and you blink your eyes to find the day completely gone and absolutely nothing accomplished? That's me. I read a quote yesterday that was really inspiring. It was, "Don't tell me how hard you work. Tell me how much you get done." That is also me. I feel like I work hard, but not productively. I'm having a really hard time finishing up the things I start these days. I will begin something, and my mind will drift away to something else that I also need to be doing and I will stop what I'm doing (half finished) and begin the other. I'm also having a really hard time remembering stuff. Just this week, as I was taking a shower, after washing my hair I couldn't remember if I had washed my body. I mean, I think I did, but I washed again to be sure. Crazy, huh?

How are things going for all of you?


Mel said...

I struggle with a lot of my aspirations as well and even at the end of a day when I have managed to get absolutely NOTHING accomplished I have to remind myself that every single day is a new one. A new chance to be closer to the person God wants me to be. And he is always there to dust me off and take me back no matter how many times I fall. :)

I cannot believe your baby boy is about to be one, either. This past year has simply flown!

Mindy said...

OH, Elaine! Don't beat your self up honey!
It is the way things go! We have ALL been there and girl, I have the same thoughts some times when I take a shower. Sometimes I even get out and wonder if I actually put conditioner in my hair.....
I totally understand!

Alex and Jill said...

I feel ya. There are days that I feel like the only thing I've accomplished is feeding/changing Amelia. And ya know, that's okay. I think as wives/mothers, we put too much pressure on ourselves. You have a lot on your plate, girl. I admire the fact that you are in school on top of everything else. Tomorrow is a new day - thank goodness. Hang in there. :)

And I have found that when I'm physically exhausted, I can't remember a darn thing.

There is no way that baby boy is going to be ONE!!? :)


The Lynchs said...

I am SO there! I was just saying the other day that I feel like I'm staying busy but getting nothing done. Maybe it's the weather, haha (that's the excuse I'm taking anyway!)

ONE?! No, no. That just can't be.