Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Resolutions

I have been putting off making my New Year's Resolutions. I am horrible at keeping resolutions. I get really excited at first. Then said excitement dwindles lower and lower and lower. So, without further ado, here is what I've come up with to work on for 2010.

1. Stop procrastinating. (How appropriate, huh, given I waited until Jan 4 to come up with a list?)

2. Get my son to sleep through the night. (Score is Baby K - 4, Mommy - Big Fat 0) I will save this for another post so I can tell you what I have tried since my last post.

3. Read 2 or more books per month.

4. Take my contacts out each night. (This is going to be hard as ever for me, since without them I am a blind as a bat and can't even read the alarm clock!)

5. Pick my clothes out for the next day before going to bed, so I will stop staring in my closet for hours waiting on my clothes to dress me. (Again, this is going to be hard!)

6. Clip coupons and bargain shop. (I really want to be one of those people who can buy $500 worth of groceries for $5. I'd even settle for $150 worth of groceries for $100).

7. Try to wake up 10 minutes earlier so I don't feel so rushed in the mornings.

8. Eat out less at work, and eat healthier at home. I will also include that I want to commit to cooking dinner for my husband at least once per week--other than my specialties of corn dogs, tater tots, frozen pizza, or anything microwaveable. Seems doable, right? (I'll be going to school 2 nights, so 1 night seems the most realistic goal for now.)

9. Take the stairs at work instead of the elevator.

10. Most importantly, get back to being active in my church and pick up on the bible study I began in early November, but have postponed because of the holiday rush.

I'm sure this list will expand later, but I'll just leave you with these for now. What are your resolutions?


Mindy said...

YOU CAN DO THOSE THINGS!!!! I know you can!
Well - don't drive yourself nuts trying to get baby boy to sleep through the'll drive yourself crazy. Trust me -- after 4 kids -- I've learned there are some things that you gotta just let come as it will....potty training is another one of those me anyways.
I will be putting up my resolutions you aren't procrastinating as much as me....=)
in HIM -

Mel said...

All achievable resolutions, I think! You can totally do this!

Beth said...

I'm so with you on a few of these! I'm just horrible at taking out my contacts at night and for standing in my closet in the morning waiting for an outfit to just say "Here, I made the decison for you, just put me on!". Hope you and your family have a wonderful 2010!