Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy First Father's Day Love!

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I am growing really fast Daddy,
And I am watching all you do.
Because when I grow up to become a man,
I hope to be like you.

I love it when you play with me,
Even when you give me baths;
You make those crazy noises that
Always seem to make me laugh.

I can't believe you will soon
Show me how to fly a kite,
And I just can hardly wait until
You will teach me to ride a bike.

Then one day soon, Daddy,
You'll teach me how to hunt;
You'll show me how to scout for deer
And how to hold my gun.

Don't be sad because I'm growing up,
I'm becoming just like you.
And I'm so excited over
The fun things you and I will do

This is your keepsake to remember
Once I'm big and tall
That it really wasn't that long ago
I use to be this small.


Pam said...

That was beautiful. They do grow so fast.

Love ya

Mel said...

I absolutely love this post!

Our wild zoo! said...

your baby boy is absolutely beautiful! I loved the poem and your blog is such a tribute to the love you have for your precious family. And I laughed all the way through the binky tribute-ha! I knew where that was going :) SO funny!

Jen&Carter said...

Love the pic and post. I can't wait for Noah to come.