Tuesday, June 2, 2009

After the Allergist....

I am relieved to say we have a game plan. The allergist believes this very well is an allergy issue. We went ahead and tested Baby K for milk and egg allergies and he tested negative. [Imagine me doing my happy dance....] Nutramigen is not necessary. Yippee!!!!! We can slowly begin switching him back to Gentlease. Dr. S also said to hold off on tubes for now. So, we will be finishing up our antibiotic, continueing with the chiropractic adjustments, and hopefully [fingers crossed] this will work. Dr. S feels as if we are on the downhill side of things. She did suggest doing Nasalcrom 1 squirt in each side of nose 2 times a day. Dr. S says this is as safe as water--no steroids or anything. K and I are almost convinced of pulling Baby K out of daycare. My mom is begging me to quit work and watch him, and I think we may eventually give in. If it will keep him healthier, it's definitely worth it. We need a little more time to think this through though.

Never-the-less, thank you all for you advice. I'm not totally anti-tubes. I think if someone can tell me that it would really cut back on the ear infections, it may be worth it. But, let me remind you the ENT says he will continue to be sick as long as he's in daycare with tubes.

I'm pro-whatever makes my baby feel better. I don't want to keep pumping him full of antibiotics.

When it rains, it pours....my car over-heated today in the drive-thru line. My dad suspects it's the thermostat which is relatively cheap to fix. All in all, it's still been a good day :)


Fertilized said...

YAH for great news at the allergist. Keep up the brainstorming. If you need any push towards staying home - Know that it is VERY do-able on a one tiny salary. We have lost 1/2 our income and still manage to do things. There are definately struggles, I will not lie. If you ever want to ask any question about staying out home - send me an email. For me -It is very worth it for now.

Tyson and Sadie said...

Poor baby! I hope he gets feeling better. I quit working to stay home too, and though it has been an adjustment, it has been very worth it. Either way, I'm sure you'll do what is best for your little guy and your family! :)

Janna said...

I stay at home with the help of Dave Ramsey's budgeting tips. It's really helped us reduce our spending, increase our savings, and allowed me to stay home with the girls...all while financing 2 adoptions. It's totally doable if you're willing to work at it! The down side is that I long for adult interaction...find a MOPS group or a play group that meets regularly so you aren't talking baby talk to your hubby in the evenings! lol

Hoping and praying baby K starts feeling better! You have really been down a tough road with him. So glad he's able to be off the Nutramigen. If Macy could get off that liquid gold (along with the very expensive even with insurance Nexium), it would be like we hit the jackpot! lol

Joy said...

I have mixed feelings about tubes. I had tubes put in TWICE when I was younger. The last set I got were on my 7th birthday. My ears just couldn't drain water. They seemed to keep the earaches at bay but one got logged in my ear and had to be flushed out when I was a teenager!

Staying at home can be done. My husband makes less than $30K and we make all our bills. Of course we don't get to go to concerts or expensive dinners, but there's more to life for us than that. I think you guys could do it! Let us know what happens.