Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dr. Appt update...

Hello All!

I had my doctor's appt on Monday which entailed (what I thought would be) my last ultrasound. Baby K weighs in at approximately 5lbs. His heart rate is good and he is measuring right on target. However, his head is measuring around a week behind his body. Ideally if I were having a natural birth, this would = less pain. However, my c-section is scheduled for Feb 10, so I would prefer his entire body be measuring on the same week. Also, it appears that there is some fluid around my little boy's private area which has caused some swelling. Dr. R almost laughed when he told me there would be no denying that he's a boy. (It's okay to laugh. I did. Not really something a mother wants to hear about her baby boy.) I was a little caught off guard, but overall okay....UNTIL....

I was told I needed to have another ultrasound at a Fetal Care Center just to be certain that my doctor hasn't missed anything. No big deal. I was also encouraged to have an amniocenteses--which totally freaked me out. I will not consent to that at this point in my pregnancy. I know it's a risky procedure, and to me and K, it doesn't matter if something is chromosomally wrong with Baby K. It never would have mattered. We love him.

I also seem to be losing weight. I actually haven't gained any weight in the past 8 weeks. From my appointment 2 weeks ago until Monday, I somehow managed to lose 4 lbs. This makes my overall weight gain 23 lbs.

So, my next regular appointment is Monday at 9 am. Then I am off to the Fetal Care Center 2 hrs away from my home at 1 pm to take one last look at Baby K before he makes his grand entrance. I can't believe he'll be here in 5 weeks!!!!!!

We are praying that all of this means nothing and that Baby K is as healthy as can be. I'll keep you all updated as soon as I know more. In the mean time, my first of 3 baby showers is at work this Friday. I am so excited!!!! It's going to be a busy month for us!


Lisa said...

Oh, you will have so much fun at your baby showers. I was so overwhelmed, but we received so many goodies for Cameron and it was LOADS of fun. It will all really sink in once you take home all of the goodies, wash the clothes and get them prepared for your sweet boy. I had so much fun doing that!!

As goes for the amniocentesis... I was asked if I wanted one as well and said "no". It wasn't going to make me choose a different route if there was something wrong with our son. I had waited so long for him and I was going to have him whether or not he was healthy or not. I had already fallen in love with him. I am sure that the u/s is just precautionary, but it is better to be safe then sorry. As goes for him and his looks like you are pretty petite from your picture so I am sure he will just be a little boy with no worries.

Keep us posted on everything and in the meantime... enjoy the baby showers and eat lots of cake : )


Alex and Jill said...

5 weeks!! Wow...seems like just yesterday that you found out you were pregnant.

I'll be praying that everything is okay with baby K.

Keep up updated.


The Baker's said...

Wow, 5 wks left, how very exciting. I will keep baby K in my prayers that all is well and he is healthy. I am so happy for you guys.
How did you get through your migraine stage through the pregnancy?

Mel said...

I don't understand why an amnio would be suggested so late anyways?! That is strange! I would never have one, either. God doesn't make mistakes, in my opinion. If a baby is born, he wants that person on this Earth for a a very specific reason.
I am glad everything is going great and you are inching ever closer to the finish line! How exciting!

Mandy said...

We were asked if we wanted a amnio as well, and chose not to have it. We would love our baby boy no matter what, so why take the chance. Try not to worry to much, which I know is hard. But I also know that Doctors have to tell you what they see, although it may be nothing, to protect them. It sucks, It is definitly more stress on the parents. I will be praying for all three of you. Have a great time at your up coming showers!!

Kate&CodyWhite said...

Good Luck Elaine! We are praying everything goes well with the u/s and Baby K. I agree with yuor move on the amniocentesis. No reason to have it. Enjoy your showers and get some rest.

Anonymous said...

I'll keep you all in my prayers. I need to write a post about our appointment today - I have a story about Cletus' head too. :) I'm sure baby k is just fine, and hopefully they'll see what they need to in the last scan. It's getting so close!! You'll have a blast at the showers!! *hugs*

I Believe in Miracles said...

Elaine - I'm praying that everything will be ok. I can't imagine doing an amnio this far along. That just seems pointless. But I do believe in the power of prayer. We're both evidence of it.