Friday, October 3, 2008

First Place Goes to....

ME!!!!! I am awarding myself this blue ribbon for being the WORST BLOGGER EVER!!!!!

I'm sorry folks, things have been crazy busy for me the past few weeks. I am balancing work, school, voulenteering, family, friends, etc. I have been reading most of your blogs, but I haven't been posting or commenting. Honestly, I don't have very much to say that would interest you. My life is pretty predictable these days. My weekends are spent doing all the things I neglected to do during the week or catching up on my much needed rest.

I have surpassed the 20 week mark finally. In celebration of the 20th week, I bought something for the baby (a cute camo jacket, cargo pants, onsie, camo socks) and a card for K telling him he was half way to meeting his son. (This was a huge hit for him since he is an avid hunter. For any of you close to 20 weeks I'd recommend doing this for your daddy-to-be. You could tell K was really touched by the gesture.)

I am also beginning to really look pregnant. My friends, family, and co-workers are spoiling me rotten! The further along I get, the more random presents show up on my desk or at my house. My son has a sweet tooth, so people buy me candy often. I've also gotten a flag, picture frame, and teddy bear stating "It's a Boy!" I am so humbled by the genorisity I have received, and it's heartwarming to know my son will be loved by so many people.

That's about it for me. While you are here though, please go send these people some love:

Janna is in love!!!!
Go wish Casey luck! She is having an IUI tomorrow.
Give Courtney some encouragement. She's waiting to test again.
Hug Jill who had a snow-baby transfer a few days ago.
Alison is having a boy incase you haven't heard!
Mel is having a girl!


Charnè said...

So glad all is going well


I Believe in Miracles said...

Yeah!! Glad to hear from you. No worries on being the worst blogger. You have a lot on your plate.
Adorable present for baby. I love it.

Alex and Jill said...

It's okay, we still love you! :)

I can't believe you are 20 weeks!! Time has flown, has it not?

Thanks for the hug!

**Lots Of Love**