Wednesday, April 16, 2008

...round 4 with new doc...

I had one of those days know, one of those cry at anything that goes slightly wrong days. Maybe it's the femara that is building up in my system...maybe it's the lack of sleep from the hot flashes (from the femara building up in my system)...or maybe it's just plain ol' frustration!

My doc was on vacation so I had to see another doctor. This doc wasn't very helpful...she kept telling me repeatedly that next time I needed to request to be seen by Dr. R. Hello?? Didn't I do that? I think it's because you have to be checked while AF is visiting, and like I really like sharing that with anybody...but I finally said..."Look, I can't help that I started my period whild Dr. R is on vacation. Do you think I really want to be sitting here either??" And the tears just started flowing... I think I made the new doc feel bad...if so...good. She needs to be more sensitive to IF patients needs than what she showed me yesterday.

Anyway, I left, new prescription in hand for another month of femara... So, off we go. I dropped the prescription off at the nearest pharmacy...told them I would be back in an hour to pick it up. Do you know, ladies, that I went back 4 hrs later and it still wasn't ready... So, I may of lost it...just a little. Poor guy working there. Anyway, I made it known that I wasn't happy that I gave them an extra 3 hours and it still wasn't ready. He said, "Mam, sometimes we get behind..." I said, "4 hours behind...??? You've got to be kidding me." I kind of feel like I need to stop and apologize to him today. It wasn't his fault...and I took out my day on him. :( Regardless, I got my prescription.

Came home to a hole in the rug of our living room. My sweet fur-son, Karter, decided to spring that one on me... how nice of him? I reprimanded him...and just sat down and cried for a while. What a crappy day!?!

On a brighter side, I registered for classes yesterday. I could only get into one class that I needed, but I am glad that I got in...even though it is an Internet course. I am officially on my way to become a teacher--the 2nd best job in the world...being a mom, of course is the best.
So, I am looking forward to the distraction.

I have something else going on right now. I promise to share later. Until then, I would appreciate your prayers for me and K.

Have a great week!


Mel said...

What a horrible day!! I am so sorry you had all that to deal with in the same 24 hour period, and I certainly hope that today is much better.
You are in my prayers!

Fertilized said...

I am glad something else did eventually go right. I hate "those other" days

gracechild said...

Nice to know you're still out there but doesn't sound like you had a particularly nice day. I hate those "off" days almost as much as I hate crying when I don't really feel like crying. I feel you girl

andrea_jennine said...

I'm sorry for such a hard day!

Alison said...

You know I'm praying Elaine! I would give you a great big right now if I could.

Waiting said...

Saying a prayer for you! Hoping you have better days. :)

A said...

I am so sorry that you had such a horrible day. Why is it that you have to remind people to be considerate? What is wrong with them? Don't they know what field they're working in?!?!

As far as the pharmacy guy goes...I don't see why you should apologize to him. I'm sure you weren't as bad as you think you were. And besides that, they really have no excuse for it to take 4 hours to fill a script.

I hope you have better days soon!

Glenna Marshall said...

Hard day!!

How exciting about becoming a teacher! I teach part-time at a small Christian school. I don't have a teaching degree, but I have an English degree so I teach language arts to 4th and 5th graders. I enjoy it! It has helped me grow more patience for the day (Lord willing) I am a mother.

Blessings! Glad for a post from you.

Searching said...

Ugh, I hope your week has brightened up some. My furbabies also love to surprise me with holes in things. Usually walls. Drywall is their absolute specialty, although furniture, rugs, socks, and towels are also on their menu. Don't you just LOVE it when they do such sweet things for you?

You are in my prayers!

Mindy said...

Sorry to hear about your horrible day.
We should compare notes on doctors. I don't know which office you go to but the place I go has a really grumpy lady doctor too. One who griped at me for losing weight when I had the flu that no one called the flu. Couldn't eat for two weeks-- what did she expect, really?
I hope this day is better and I will be saying a prayer for you!
in HIM -